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With a passion for treatment excellence, detailed product knowledge and a dedication to provide unsurpassed customer care; our highly qualified and experienced therapists offer an extensive range of treatments using the finest products using the highest professional standards.

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    Ear Piercing

    The STUDEX® range sold at Beautiful You offers a range of medical grade, allergy free piercings.

    Piercings are done at Beautiful You.

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    Cryotherapy in Cosmetic Dermatology

    Cryosurgery procedures using the Cryopen:

    The Cryopen is the most innovative device for the delivery of cryo-therapy treatments without the need for dangerous cryogenic liquids and gases that are typically used today.

    The Cryopen is used to treat a wide range of lesions including warts, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, condylomas and skin tags.

    The CryoPen delivers treatment at -105° Celsius temperature and patients typically require only one treatment. This is a much less complicated approach than dangerous cryogenic liquids and gases, like liquid nitrogen, that were used in the past.

    The CryoPen also delivers results without leaving scars or burning the patient’s surrounding tissue and there is no need for anesthetic.

    For more information about the CyroPen please click here to download the CryoPen brochure.

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