Working with Depilève is synonymous with prestige, success and guaranty, its name is a symbol of distinction known and requested by more and more clients.

Depileve originates from Spain and is one of the largest manufacturers of wax in the world. As one of the world's leading brands, Depileve understands the importance of innovation. This has resulted in the production of the highly innovative waxing system that ranges from hot wax to roll on cartridges.

Depileve are aware of all the elements of waxing and have a strong focus on the pre and post-treatment care. The brand offers a wide range of pre-waxing solutions. These are designed to prepare the skin properly for waxing, ensuring that the best possible results are achieved. The post-waxing creams and treatments have been formulated to ensure that once the best results are achieved, they are maintained for as long as possible.

Depileve knows that when a client is happy, they will return time and time again.

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