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Tan Incorporated has built a legacy of high quality products and exceptional dedication to its customers. Tan Inc. has led the way in the tanning business for over 30 years and holds a firm understanding of what it takes for the development and creation of excellent skin care formulas. 

Tan Inc. believe that a radiant and gorgeous tan requires the right skin care. Diligence in the advancement and improvement of products, combined with a comprehension of customer needs allows Tan. Inc to design the most desirable and effective formulas blends.

Our Tan. Inc Product

Tan Inc Black

Brown Sugar: Black Choclate

Crafted in small batches with the finest ingredients, this advanced 200X Black Bronzer bestows skin with an extensive bronzing recipe for the deepest bronze imaginable. This breathtaking color is complemented with a decadent blend of organic butters, providing unparalleled feel and glow. Black Chocolate is a rare and exceptional tannin experience to not be missed. 

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