Why regular facial treatments is vital for your skin!

Regular facial treatments is more than just a little pampering for an hour or so! Facials done by professionals is vitally important to the health and wellness of your skin! Especially with the change of season.

Here’s why:

1. Deep cleaning, masks and peels help to calm, hydrate and decongest your skin
2. By carefully and hygienically extracting blackheads, pores and pimples your skin will breath better, look healthier and suffer less breakouts
3. Professional exfoliation promote healthy cell turnover and over time help reduce acne and other scarring due to unavoidable daily toxins like UV rays and dirt
4. It’s like having a regular counsel therapy for your skin. Where professionals can keep a good check on your skin’s condition and recommend any changes to your facial regime
5. Professional facials generally include a certain amount of Décolletage and scalp massage, promoting lymphatic drainage, basically meaning to get rid of toxins, which reduces fluid retention and has deep relaxation benefits
6. Deep-cleansing facials thoroughly removes dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin. Your pores will be refined, and your skin rejuvinated
7. By taking regular time out to invest in the wellness of your skin can help restore balance in your hectic lifestyle