Why quality skin care products is important

Lamelle Serra Lotion

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Nourishing your skin with quality products is as important as taking vitamins, eating healthy and drinking water.

Growing up we were carefree! Who needed to worry about skin, as long as it had a sun-kissed glow, we were happy!  We were invincible and thought that our skin would be forever young! Then we grew up and finally understood why mom pestered us about looking after our skin! We should have listened to her when she spoke about using quality products because it promotes healthy skin, while poor ingredients can dry your skin out and have long-term damage effects!

When you invest in good skin care products, your skin will absolutely benefit in the short and long term. Both helping to seal your skin from damaging environmental effects like UVA and UVB rays, pollution, etc. and retain vital moisture.

And let’s not forget the undeniable ageing battle that we constantly rage against! Quality products not only alleviates some of our concerns, it nourishes your skins vitality!

To wrap it up, when we feel good about our skin, we feel good about ourselves. You cannot hide from showing your skin, so keep it feeling in top condition will absolutely give you a confidence booster.

Lamelle’s Serra range is true quality products that can take care of your skin’s troubles and let your beauty on the inside shine on the outside.

Beautiful You always has therapists available to give you free consultation and help guide you in choosing the right quality products for your specific skin condition. Book an appointment online or call them on 041-581 4404.