Thread your way to a new you!

What is threading? How does it work? Who is it best suited for threading? There are a lot of questions about threading, so here are some answers:

What is threading?
Threading is an injectable technology, using fine threads to give you a cosmetic enhancement. It also works on your body to stimulate collagen naturally, giving you a natural, rejuvenating, fresh look with next to no down time and long lasting results.

Who is best suited for threading?
Generally, threading is mainly suited for men and women between the age of 40 and 60.

How does it work?
The first thing to know is that the threads are so fine that you cannot see it through the skin.

These very fine threads are placed strategically in a mesh type pattern, under the skin, like creating a network of threads, which creates a sling effect that helps lift and support tissue.

Once the procedure is complete (which is known as the ‘lunch hour’ procedure as it is so quick), there is a collagen and fibrotic reaction within the deep tissue. This ultimately pulls the tissue back.

Results are seen over a period of about 12 weeks.

Once the threads have created a lift, the threads dissolve, after around eight months, but due to the stimulation of collagen, the treatment effects lasts much longer, around two to three years.

Target areas for threading:
The jowls
The neck
Droopy eyebrows
Frown lines
Crows feet
Loose skin below the eye
Mid face lift
Lines across the lips
Lines between the breasts

Many have chosen the route of threading as it is far less invasive than surgery, there is no scarring, next to no downtime with great results.

Dr Mima Boskov will be at Beautiful You on Thursday, 1st and again on Saturday 3rd of June for threading treatments, as well as botox treatments.

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Mima Boskov