The Hottest Sun Protection Right Now!

Science now says that even sunscreen SPF 50 is only effective 53% of the time. How is the possible and what can you do?

Helase 50 is the first known product in SA to offer 100% protection. Science is now aware of more damage for many more wavelengths of sunlight. Quite simply, broad spectrum only covers you for a small part of the light we know of today. Helase 50 goes well beyond SPF 50 and a host of incredible antioxidants, it protects agains 100% of the light spectrum. With all of this in one product you are giving your skin the FULL solar spectrum protection: Here’s what’s in this amazing product:

SPF 50
For basic protection

AhR Blocker
Stems the activity of collagen killing MMP’s

TRPV1 blocker
Helps prevent and manage oxidation in the body

Antioxidants, including the most powerful oral antioxident you can take, Pycnogel®
Boosts your immune system and manages oxidant stress in your body

Counteracts DNA damage by promoting better DNA repair and healing

The enigmatic miracle enzyme that’s absent in humans and has the incredible ability to heal dimer and DNA damage

It’s a no brainer when it comes to choosing this amazing product, as it offers so much more than general sun protection, it gives you 100% protection and also repairs existing sun damage skin, helping you to age beautifully.

Helase 50 is available at Beautiful You, 141 Heugh Road, Walmer. Pop in or call them on 041- 581 4404.