Pamper Your Winter Blues Away

By   007

Are you hibernating? Preferring to stay indoors around a crackling fire with a beverage to warm the cockles of your heart. Tucking your toes into thick woollen socks and wrapping yourself up in a fleecy blanket.

That sounds amazing but what about pampering your skin through its winter blues!

Get rid of all those dead cells that is making your skin look lifeless and give it a healthy glow with a Deep Cleanse Facial.

Try a Paraffin Wax Mask that will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

You may want to hide those feet but they are crying for some TLC! Give yourself a Paraffin Pedicure. Starting with a foot soak, then paraffin wax, your feet are then carefully wrapped in special booties to retain the warmth and intensify the moisturising process. And finished with a light massage and your favourite colour polish.

Many of our nerves from our internal organs can be found in the feet! Reflexology, uses the ancient Chinese techniques that uses pressure point messages on the feet. Reflexology can stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, eliminate toxins and induce a deep state of relaxation.

Or maybe a quick pampering is what you need! Like an Indian Head Massage, Back Neck Shoulder Massage or a Full Body Exfoliation. All of these will release wound up tension, relieve stress, get the blood circulating and soothe your aching body.

We all need some pampering time, for our skin and for ourselves!

Beautiful You has all of these and many more wonderful pampering treatments and products.

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