Liquid Yoga, there’s a reason it’s a cult product

Rarely do you find a skincare range that cares about you. Not just how you look, but the overall well-being of your health and body.

Bath time is never a particularly relaxing experience for me, at the point where I sigh as I lay back into the water, one of my children will as if on cue, barges in.

Last Monday I took my chance to have some me time. I went for a long run (trying to get back by fitness back) and my legs were already starting to get a little stiff so I decided to use my newest bottle of Liquid Yoga, or as I tend to call it, ‘a little miracle in a bottle’,

It contains ingredients like Epsom salts and Arnica to relieve aches and pains, Murumuru butter to moisturise and V-Tonic™ (a blend of spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin and chamomile essential oils) that works like a bomb to relax and calm body and mind.

Liquid Yoga comes with a little booklet with a selection of lovely yoga stretches, and since I had the time, I made good use of them before I got into the bath.

I felt so good after that soak. The scent is amazing and my skin felt soft and moisturised. I felt wide awake and relaxed the rest of the day. This is love people.

The Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak retails for R550 for 200ml.