Anesonic facial: facials just got technical

There is a multitude of facials available, and they each have their own benefits, and it’s a personal choice when it comes to choosing the treatment you enjoy, and the benefits to your skin.

One facial offered at Beautiful You, the Anesi Anesonic facial is a little different. It uses ultasound to stimulate the skin to restore elasticity, eases pigmentation and improve texture and smoothness.

Three phases make up the Anesonic facial, exfoliation, the infusion of the products into the skin, and then a micro massage.

All skin types can benefit from this relaxing facial, but it has proven effective in the treatment of acne, fine lines and wrinkles and lo longer will your sensitive skin or Rosacea prevent you from exfoliating.

The Anesi Anesonic facial with a rapid exfoliation costs R800. Speak to one of our therapists for more information.