Alcohol's effect on our skin

The holiday party season is upon us, and we all like a good cocktail to celebrate the end of the year, but what does alcohol do to our skin?

Dull skin
After excessive alcohol consumption, the skin can start to look dull and grey. You can obviously use make up to bring yourself to life, but you can fight dullness by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially, oranges and grapefruits, which are rich in vitamin C.

Alcohol dries your skin, as well as your entire body which is why we often reach for a bottle of water the morning after a party. So drink as much water as you can, to rid your body of the toxins and hydrate your skin from within. But to speed things up moisturise your skin using your favourite moisturiser, and if you have time use a facial mask.

Excessive alcohol drinking leads to dehydration of the system, which in turn can lead to more wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles cut back on your alcohol consumption, don’t smoke, make sure you drink plenty of water every day (8 or more glasses), and eat lots of fresh fruit and veg.

Dark circles and puffy eyes
Get your beauty sleep and drink in moderation to prevent puffy panda eyes and use a product like the Anesi Éclat du Regard to say goodbye to dark circles, bags, expression wrinkles and puffiness.

Lost skin elasticity
Heavy drinking can lead to sagging facial features and the loss of skin elasticity, this is why, often, those who drink too much over a long period of time have hooded, droopy eye lids, big bags under eyes and loose skin around the chin and neck.

Acne and skin redness
If you drink a lot of booze, eat junk food at 4am, stay up and dance all night long, as well as keeping your makeup on your face all day and then, all night long, puts a lot of stress on your face’s skin skin and can lead to breakouts and skin redness.

Acne is mainly caused by bacteria and eating of greasy foods, but redness can be caused by broken capillaries (often around the nose and cheeks area). To avoid, make sure to wash your face before going out, drink water through the night, limit your alcohol intake to one or two glasses per evening (yes I know not always possible) and cleanse your face thoroughly when you come home, no matter how tired you are!