A different kind of pillow talk!


It’s not the kind of pillow talk that you’re thinking about! I’m referring to the pillowcase you use to sleep on at night and how it can have a direct impact on your skin and even your hair.

Ever wake up with those horrible road map lines from your cotton pillowcase? Yes they fade but over time it can result in wrinkles. Cotton robs you skin’s moisture by absorbing the natural oils in your skin, while satin pillowcases keeps your skins moisture.

All that tugging and creasing of your eyelashes from the cotton fabric, results in bent eyelashes! This doesn’t happen with a satin pillowcase as there is no friction.

And that not so fabulous big fuzz ball of hair in the morning! With a satin pillowcase, your hair stays smooth with less breakage and hair loss. In fact, doctors recommend satin pillowcases for bedridden patients to prevent hair loss.

Keep your blowouts looking fabulous for longer! There’s nothing worse than having been to the hairdresser, they give you this amazing blow out and after one night, poof! Your hair is all tangled up and in a mess! This won’t happen with a satin pillowcase.

Once you go satin, there’s no going back! And for only R170, it is well worth the investment.

Pop into Beautiful You at 141 Hugh Road, Walker and pick up your favourite colour, there’s black, white, grey, charcoal, champagne, baby pink and fuchsia pink, to go with any bedroom dècor. Or call them on 041-581 4404.

You’ll feel like royalty!